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Dina Gambella
Fellow Traveler counseling Owner & LMFT

The journey for Dina began in college after suddenly losing her closest childhood friend to suicide..

Rocked by grief, her family sought professional help for Dina. Working with a therapist she began to cope with the pain of loss. Emotional Growth began with consistent care from her therapist Allowing Dina's studies to begin to take on new meaning.

Dina Gambella Therapist
Dina Gambella Charlotte NC therapist

Realizing that she wanted to help others also facing emotional crises she completed her bachelor's and moved to Charlotte to pursue a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. After completing her masters and becoming licensed by the North Carolina Association for Marriage and Family Therapy her work began in 2012. Her career started by providing care to underserved children and their families who were in critical need of mental health intervention. After two years of exploring root causes to individual and family issues combined with a continued passion to serve, she transitioned to treating individuals struggling with opiate addiction. Dina began leading Intensive Outpatient groups in conjunction with the Mecklenburg County Drug Treatment Court services.

Refocusing on her original mission of caring for those who could best benefit from her training, she then began working with severe cases of disordered eating at The Renfrew Center Charlotte providing individual and group therapy as well leading Renfrew's yoga program for patients.


The next and most natural step was when Dina founded her private practice specializing in the treatment of couples and families with an additional focus on disordered eating and body image. Her warmth and compassion, coupled with her experience and training, provide her with the expertise to work with a diverse population of clients and their presenting problems. 

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