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Megan Kullick 
Fellow Traveler Counseling
Primary Peer Support Specialist

Inspired by her passion of helping others and with a continuing dedication to her community, Fellow Traveler Counseling welcomes Megan as Primary Peer Support Specialist. Earning her Bachelor's in Psychology and Counseling from Auburn University, Megan is currently completing her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte..

Previously providing support for children with mental and intellectual challenges as a Youth Peer Support Specialist for The Children and Family Services Department in Alabama.

Megan Kullick Fellow Traveler Counseling NC

Acting as an additional resource of support to the therapeutic process and with a focus on young adults and the college-aged population, Megan believes every client deserves the right to a happy and healthy life. She is here to help others blossom into their best selves and find peace from within. 

Contact Megan: 
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